Full Courses & Wait Listing

Management Course Wait List Information
Spring 2018

Updated October 30, 2017

Eligible Courses

MGMT courses only. Wait-listing is not available for honors sections.

Alternatives to Wait-Listing

Getting on a wait list for a full course does not guarantee placement in the course. The best way to potentially enroll in a full course is through watching the registration system. Students are constantly adding and dropping courses all the way through the first week of classes. Registration system availability is posted in Howdy and at http://goo.gl/5o6xpv.

Who is Eligible

The management department considers enrollment from a wait list a privilege based on need.  Thus, forcing into full MGMT courses will not occur except in cases where a student needs a specifically-required MGMT course (not an elective) to graduate this May.  Further, if this course is required for you to graduate this May (need), you can be enrolled in the course, but not necessarily a specific section (desire).

Wait List Dates

Accepted Reviewed/Processed
First Round Nov 27 to Dec 4 Dec 5
Second Round Dec 5 to Jan 5 Business days through Jan 8

How to be Included on a Wait List

Submit the online Management Wait List Form available below beginning at 8 AM on November 27.

For best results, access using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or the most current version of Chrome.

Spring 2018 Wait List Form

Click here to read the fine print on the Management Wait List Policy.