Career Services

Students have access to coursework and services that can assist them in finding employment after graduation. These offerings include:

  • Coursework incorporating job-search strategies: Students take a professional development seminar – ACCT 322 (BBA) or ACCT 321 (PPA) – during the spring of their junior year. The course provides strategies and skills that prepare students for pursuing employment opportunities.
  • Texas A&M University’s Career Center: The Career Center provides students with world-class resources such as career counselors, self-assessments, mock interviews, job listings and information about working abroad. Students also have access to career coordinators in the Wehner building.
  • Hire Aggies: Students can get access to the latest internship and full-time job postings from this Career Center portal.
  • Listserv: Students are also informed of opportunities through this email listserv. Click here to learn how to sign up.