Coffee Chats

What is a coffee chat?

Consider a coffee chat to be your organization’s version of hosting office hours. Business Honors students with an interest in your organization can drop in to ask questions about job or internship opportunities and the work your organization does.

Employers can use coffee chats as a casual forum to share about career opportunities, talk about the organization’s culture, provide resume or interview tips, or interact with students in an informational setting. Content can be determined by each individual organization provided an overview of the programming is shared with the Business Honors staff in advance of the coffee chat. Coffee chats are not a forum to conduct interviews for job or internship positions.

The goal of coffee chats is to create additional opportunities for Business Honors students to create meaningful connections with potential employers. You can view a more comprehensive list of FAQs here.

To set up a coffee chat or request additional information, please email Claire Raabe at or call 979-862-3132.