What We Look For

​Recommendations for Prospective Current Students

  • Business majors are encouraged to take BUSN 101 during their first semester.
  • All prospective students are encouraged to get involved in at least one organization during their first semester.
  • Resumes are limited to one page and should focus on activities applicants have participated in at Texas A&M as well as high school leadership experiences.
  • It is highly recommended that applicants attend a resume workshop or schedule a consultation with the Career Center.
  • All questions about current student applications to Business Honors should be directed to honors2@mays.tamu.edu.


Applications Received Number Accepted Average GPA
Spring 2019 92 16 3.99
Spring 2020 97 16 3.97
Spring 2021 97 21 3.95
Spring 2022 87 8 3.94
Spring 2023 124 16 3.97