Business Honors offers a variety of high-impact learning experiences outside of the classroom to enhance the student experience.

Professional Development Events
Business Honors hosts more than 50 professional development events annually. These events include an executive speaker series, case competitions, book and movie clubs, field trips and etiquette dinners. Students must attend at least four of these events per year; however, most students participate in many more.

Regional and National Trips
Students have the opportunity each year to visit major national and regional companies as well as graduate schools. These trips include time to experience the culture and history of major U.S. cities.

Community Service
A wide variety of service projects are organized each year. Previous Business Honors groups have been involved in Advancement Via Individual Determination (a college readiness program), Lemonade Day (teaching children entrepreneurship) and Twin City Mission (resale shops and homeless shelters).

Industry Guilds
Business Honors students form student-organized and student-run guilds based on career interests such as consulting, investment banking, medicine and law. These guilds connect students so they can pool their resources and knowledge and build networks. Some guilds also host professional speakers and help students identify mentors.

All Business Honors students are required to complete an internship for credit. Students have access to several resources to aid their search for an internship, including the Career Center, Career Fair and resume preparation. Additionally, an internship briefing is held each semester to discuss important information regarding student internship requirements and etiquette.

Study Abroad

Business Honors strongly encourages students to take advantage of study or travel abroad opportunities. The Center for International Business Studies offers numerous opportunities for students to study abroad, or students can take university-sponsored or independent trips. Opportunities to intern, volunteer, or participate in semester-long experiences are also available.