What is MIS?

Our Management Information Systems (MIS) program focuses on data analysis, teamwork, leadership, project management, customer service and underlying business theories.




For students interested in a BBA degree in Management Information Systems, a 4+1 option is available for students wishing to pursue both an undergraduate and master’s degree in MIS.


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MIS graduates pursue careers in a number of exciting fields, including:

  • IT Consulting
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Government
  • System Analytics
  • Computer Systems Design and related services

Starting Salaries

MIS majors have one of the highest average starting salaries of any Mays undergraduate degree program.  The average starting salary for MIS students graduating in May 2019 was $61,159, and the average salary for December 2019 graduates was $70,199.

Student Profiles

MIS professionals advance the goals and operations of organizations. MIS students should have:

  • The ability to synthesize and systemize information in key areas of interest
  • The ability to produce timely, accurate information that contributes to the end-objectives of an organization



We encourage all students to pursue their interests through exploration of extracurricular activities.

The MIS program and Texas A&M University support a number of student organizations and enrichment opportunities.


Study Abroad

Broaden your horizons by participating in one of our many study abroad programs.

Students on mountain top holding Aggie flag (Study Abroad)

Scholarships & Financial Aid

There are a number of financial assistance resources available to students at the departmental, college, and university levels.