Careers and Starting Salaries

Students who major in MIS have many career options after graduation, report high job satisfaction and earn one of the highest average starting salaries of all Mays Business School undergraduate degree programs.

Multiple Career Paths
Students who major in MIS have many career options, including:

  • IT consulting
  • Web development
  • Information system management
  • Network administration
  • Business application development
  • Business intelligence analysis
  • Systems analysis
  • Systems development
  • Technical support

The average starting salary of our MIS graduates who graduated in 2019 was $65,679. This average salary has remained strong over the past several years.

Positive Feedback on Careers
Our program’s graduates report high placement rates and job satisfaction. They find their work exciting and challenging and appreciate doing hands-on problem solving in work that is innovative and creative. Former students report opportunities to work internationally and to advance in their careers.