Students must complete 27 semester credit hours of MIS coursework to earn the Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems (BBA-MIS) degree. These 27 hours are spread across MIS foundation and MIS elective courses.

Course Sequencing

The typical student would complete the MIS requirements for their degree in four semesters as outlined in the following table.

1st Semester
(4 hours)
2nd Semester
(7 hours)
3rd Semester
(10 hours)
4th Semester
(6 hours)
ISTM 250
ISTM 281*
ISTM 310
ISTM 320
ISTM 281/481*
ISTM 315
ISTM 410
ISTM 481*
Directed elective
ISTM 415
Directed elective

*ISTM 281 and ISTM 481 are 1-credit-hour, professional development seminars that are offered each spring and fall semester. Students must enroll in and complete a total of 3 hours by repeating ISTM 281 or ISTM 481 in three different semesters.