Broad Foundation

The BBA-Management major equips students with the academic knowledge and professional skills they need to pursue rewarding careers in a variety of industries.

Students take courses in a range of subjects, including international business, human resources, economics, negotiations and data analysis.

Specialized Concentration

As a management major, you will also select one of four directed elective tracks, allowing you to acquire knowledge and hone skills that are most relevant to your area of professional interest.

Consulting/General Management

Sharpen your problem-solving skills and learn how to help organizations or individuals manage the challenges and capitalize on opportunities they face.

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Learn about the entrepreneurial process and practical approaches to growing a small business, including elements of a business plan and the role of creativity in identifying and developing entrepreneurial opportunities.

Human Resource Management

Learn how to manage an organization’s human capital, including developing and implementing workplace policies as well as initiatives for recruiting, training and development, career planning, and employee and labor relations.


By acquiring basic knowledge of business and law, you’ll position yourself to seek an advanced degree in law or pursue a career in corporate law, international affairs, public policy or conflict resolution.


Students follow the curriculum (degree requirements) in effect at the time of admission into Mays Business School.  Should the curriculum change at any time during a student’s undergraduate career, the student can opt to move to a newer curriculum if it benefits the student to do so.  Students should talk to an advisor before deciding on a catalog change.

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