Zach Marbach Class of 2017Zach Marbach

“I initially chose MGMT because I had no idea what I type of career I wanted to pursue and MGMT seemed to be uniquely versatile. It worked out perfectly because the inspiring professors within the MGMT department helped me discover my passion for the nonprofit sector and encouraged me to ultimately pursue a career in the field upon graduation.”

Derek McKee Class of 2016 Derek McKee

“Studying management has enabled me to learn how to be both an effective leader and an efficient decision maker. While functional business experts are always needed, it is just as critical to have professionals that are able to coordinate projects, delegate tasks, and lead initiatives. Management majors, especially at Texas A&M University, have been equipped to handle that challenge.”

Bindu Thota Class of 2015 Bindu Thota

“As a pre-med student, my eyes were opened to the intricacy of managing people through the organizational behavior course. Majoring in management was the right choice for me because it is giving me the skills to manage a medical practice and employees in the future.”

John Zubizarreta John Zubizarreta

“As both a management major and a business owner, I’ve learned that running a small business takes knowledge from all disciplines of business. I chose management because I wanted to develop as a leader and as a decision maker to create a productive and positive workplace.”

Lenae Scroggins
Business Operations Manager
Ecolyse, Inc.

“Management major recruits from Texas A&M’s Mays Business School are not only well rounded academically, but personally and professionally as well. They have a broad range of experiences both inside and outside the classroom.”