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August 20
Amazon helped crush department stores. Now it reportedly wants to be one -comments from Venky Shankar
Nathaniel Meyersohn | CNN Business

August 7
Stung by shifting tastes and the pandemic, Francesca’s adjusts on the fly – comments from Venky Shankar
Amanda Drane | Houston Chronicle

August 6
How to save some money while back-to-school shopping this year – comments from Scott Benedict
Josh Ninke | KBTX

August 3
Retailers are preparing for a wave of customers during tax-free weekend in Texas. Will they come? – comments from Venky Shankar
Amanda Drane | Houston Chronicle

July 28
Walmart to sell technology services to smaller online retailers – reaction from Scott Benedict
Kim Souza |

July 20
Online shoppers flocked to H-E-B and other top retailers, accelerating a trend – reaction from Venky Shankar
Amanda Drane | Houston Chronicle

July 5
Venky Shankar reacts to Jeff Bezos stepping down as CEO of Amazon
Al Jazeera

June 4
Local businesses see increase as wedding industry flourishes – comments from Scott Benedict
Fallon Appleton | KBTX

June 1
Maki the guard dog sniffs out guns on customers at 5 malls across Houston – reaction from Venky Shankar
Amanda Drane | Houston Chronicle

May 3
The Center for Retailing Studies launches fundraising campaign aimed at supporting the future of retail education
Mays Business School

April 5
‘Convenience is king’ – pandemic accelerated changes in retail, and there may be no going back – comments from Venky Shankar
Madison Iszler | San Antonio Express-News

March 26
H-E-B is opening its flagship brand stores in Dallas-Fort Worth – reaction from Venky Shankar
Madison Iszler | San Antonio Express-News

March 26
The grocery war is on: H-E-B is making its move into D-FW – reaction from #TAMURetail director Scott Benedict
Maria Halkias | The Dallas Morning News

March 8
H-E-B and other retailers struggle with mask policies as mandate ends – comments from Venky Shankar
Madison Iszler | San Antonio Express-News

March 2
Do I still have to wear a mask? D-FW stores and businesses scramble after repeal of COVID-19 restrictions – with reaction from #TAMURetail director Scott Benedict
Kyle Arnold, Steve Brown, Dom DiFurio and Maria Halkias | The Dallas Morning News

March 2
#TAMURetail director Scott Benedict reacts to San Antonio Target being among the first to get an in-store Apple mini shop
Madison Iszler | San Antonio Express-News

February 11
As COVID hammers Houston retailers, flower shops see a pandemic-fueled ‘renaissance’ – with reaction from Venky Shankar
Amanda Drane | Houston Chronicle

February 9
Venky Shankar (#TAMURetail) comments on GameStop, Elon Musk, and stocks
Gian Volpicelli | Wired UK

February 8
Rivercenter mall under pandemic pressure, but Macy’s exit might open a door – comments from Venky Shankar

February 2
How Bezos and Amazon changed the world
Venky Shankar | The Conversation

February 2
#TAMURetail research director discusses how Super Bowl ads will have a different feel this year
1200 WOAI

January 28
Venky Shankar @maysbusiness @TAMURetail remarks on Governor Abbott encouraging lawmakers to protect businesses from coronavirus related lawsuits
Brittany Defran | ABC KXXV

January 18
Venky Shankar on brandjacking during the Capitol riots
Brandon Lingle | San Antonio Express News

January 11
Francesca’s proceeds with auction after bankruptcy approval, with remarks from Venky Shankar
Amanda Drane | Houston Chronicle

January 10
Inside a Texas center making vaccine components and adding skilled jobs during the pandemic, CRS research director weighs in
Kristin Dean & Erica Zucco | KENS 5

January 8
Venky Shankar responds to Macy’s store closures and the trend toward smaller, concept stores and more technology post-pandemic
Marilyn Moritz |

January 7
Comments from Venky Shankar on Kroger rolling out COVID-19 vaccine
Amanda Drane & Gwendolyn Wu | Houston Chronicle

January 5
#TAMURetail director Scott Benedict’s remarks on how the pandemic has accelerated trends in retail
Madison Iszler | San Antonio Express-News

January 5
Listen: CRS research director explains how shipping companies have adapted during the pandemic to the boom in online shopping
Wisconsin Public Radio

January 4
Listen: #TAMURetail research director says smartphone apps will be a key part of easing covid concerns and getting the economy restarted

January 1
Venky Shankar weighs in on forecasts for Houston’s economy in 2021
Paul Takahashi | Houston Chronicle


December 25
Retailers prepare for historic holiday returns on heels of online surge
Amanda Drane | Houston Chronicle

December 24
‘What’s the alternative?’ SolarWinds boosts security firms’ bottom lines
Paresh Dave | Reuters

December 23
Pandemic. Recession. Oil bust. How Houston weathered economic collapse under COVID-19
James Osborne | Houston Chronicle

December 17
Goodreads Is Retiring Its Current API, and Book-Loving Developers Aren’t Happy
Angela Lashbrook | Debugger

December 7
Venky Shankar responds to skyrocketing holiday shipping demand in Houston
Amanda Drane | Midland Reporter-Telegram

November 28
#TAMURetail research director Venky Shankar discusses how the pandemic impacted Black Friday spending
CBS News

November 3
The Center for Retailing Studies becomes a university member of the Food Marketing Institute (FMI)
Food Marketing Institute

October 21
#TAMURetail research director Venky Shankar (@venkyshankar) (@maysbusiness) (@TAMU) shares his thoughts on Blue Cross Blue Shield and CHI St. Joseph negotiating network rates.
Megan Rodriquez | The Eagle

October 14
Key takeaways from the 2020 Texas A&M Retailing Summit
Scott Benedict | LinkedIn

October 9
#TAMURetail research director Venky Shankar shares his thoughts on early Black Friday deals
Amanda Drane | Houston Chronicle

October 7
#TAMURetail director Scott Benedict (@maysbusiness) (@TAMU) says the time is “now…not later” for laying a foundation in #digital #retail that better prepares future industry leaders to deal with the challenges of tomorrow.
Scott Benedict | LinkedIn

September 8
Texas A&M Retailing Summit to highlight the ‘Retail Revolution’ Oct. 8-9
Texas A&M Today

August 31
#BlackFriday predictions from #TAMURetail research director Venky Shankar

August 21
Venky Shankar (#TAMURetail) on national coin shortage during a pandemic
Ariel Whitely |

August 20
Reaction from Venky Shankar on food supply chain impact in Texas from COVID19
Meena Venkataramanan | Texas Tribune

August 11
Venky Shankar reacts to the closure of the last Sears department store in San Antonio
Madison Iszler | San Antonio-Express News

August 7
#TAMURetail research director Venky Shankar (@venkyshankar) (@maysbusiness) (@TAMU) spoke with @Slate about concerns over the national coin shortage.
Molly Olmstead | Slate

August 7
Center for Retailing Studies research director on the impact from COVID-19 on back-to-school shopping
Madison Iszler | San Antonio-Express News

August 5
Could we see an increase in tech purchases and decline in clothing sales for back-to-school #shopping this year? @venkyshankar (@maysbusiness) (@TAMU) shares his thoughts with @KBTXNews
Mekena Rodriguez | KTBX News

August 1
They understand their customer, which is tough for retailers to master” #TAMURetail director Scott Benedict (@maysbusiness) (@TAMU) shares his thoughts on @HEB with @SanAntonioMag
Kathleen Petty | San Antonio Magazine

July 31
#retail therapy for coping with the pandemic? #TAMURetail research director @venkyshankar (@maysbusiness ) (@TAMU ) gives his perspective.
Brandon Lingle | My San Antonio

July 22
#TAMURetail research director Venky Shankar’s remarks on the impact of unemployment from the pandemic
Meena Venkataramanan | Texas Tribune

July 17
The unemployment rate in #Texas fell from 13% in May. @venkyshankar (@maysbusiness) (@TAMU) shares his thoughts on how it happened and where things are going.
Meena Venkataramanan | Texas Tribune

July 16
Dr. Leonard Berry ( @maysbusiness ) and founding director of #TAMURetail is the most cited @TAMU professor on @Google Scholar! We are grateful to Dr. Berry and his leadership!
Ann Kellett | Texas A&M Today

July 10
Thoughts from @venkyshankar ( @maysbusiness ) ( @TAMU ) on the #business #retail recovery in #Houston.
Sergio Chapa , Erin Douglas , Amanda Drane , Nancy Sarnoff , R.A. Schuetz , Dwight Silverman and Gwendolyn Wu | Houston Chronicle

July 6
#TAMURetail research director @venkyshankar (@maysbusiness) shares his thoughts on the “new normal” for #business #retail #marketing after the pandemic.
Venky Shankar | Mays Business School

July 3
#TAMURetail research director @venkyshankar (@maysbusiness)  shares his on thoughts #retail #4thofJuly #shopping and the impact from recent #covid19 restrictions.
Amanda Drane | Houston Chronicle

July 1
Did #retail #business re-open too quickly in #Texas? #TAMURetail research director @venkyshankar (@maysbusiness) shares his thoughts. #covid19 #coronavirus #marketing
Cassandra Pollock | Texas Tribune

June 11
How can the U.S. better prepare essential services to handle a future crisis? A timely article authored by Distinguished Professor and founding #TAMURetail director Dr. Leonard Berry.
Leonard Berry | Mays Business School

June 1
#TAMURetail research director @venkyshankar (@maysbusiness) (@TAMU) shares his thoughts on local businesses and #retail feeling the impact of the recent protests.
Sunny Tsai | KAGS TV

May 29
Video: @TAMURetail director Scott Benedict joins Blueday, Inc. for a discussion on how #retail #stores can adapt their #omnichannel as a result of the #COVID19 pandemic.

May 29
Video: @venkyshankar @TAMURetail shares his thoughts on how #retail should prepare for a potential second wave of #COVID19
Delaware Online

May 28
How is the pandemic changing retail? @venkyshankar weighs in.
Madison Iszler | San Antonio-Express News

May 27
Scott Benedict @TAMURetail @maysbusiness shares his thoughts on the success of recent #Walmart #SamsClub execs
Kim Souza |

May 15
“Customers vote with their dollars, and they’ll likely vote to shop where and when they feel it’s safe to do so.” @TAMURetail director Scott Benedict on #retail businesses facing the concerns with reopening.
Kim Souza |

May 15
@TAMURetail research director @venkyshankar shares his thoughts on the decline in #retail sales during the #COVID19 pandemic.
Amanda Drane | Houston Chronicle

May 11
Video: @TAMURetail director Scott Benedict featured on episode #73 of Mays Mastercast
Mays Mastercast

May 4
Video: LeAnn Percivill ’20 joins episode #72 of Mays Mastercast to discuss winning the NRF Foundation Next Generation Scholarship
Mays Mastercast

May 4
“Dillards tried to differentiate itself by being a brick-and-mortar destination, but now that possibility doesn’t exist,” says @venkyshankar of @TAMURetail
Arkansas Business

May 1
“If people feel safe, that’s when the confidence returns.” @TAMURetail research director @venkyshankar on #retail reopening.
Madison Iszler | San Antonio-Express News

May 1
“#COVID19 has changed consumer attitudes and behavior forever.” Venky Shankar, research director for @TAMURetail shares his thoughts on the impact of the pandemic.
Venky Shankar | Trade Promotion Council of India

April 30
Video: @TAMURetail research director Venky Shankar joins Texas A&M University System Chancellor John Sharp and other experts on the impact of COVID19 on the State of Texas
Texas A&M Today

April 28
“Retail is all about consumer confidence.” Venky Shankar @TAMURetail on Houston Galleria and other malls re-opening.
Paul Takahashi | Houston Chronicle

April 24
“Eventually, the economy has to open. The question is, how soon?.” @TAMURetail research director Venky Shankar on re-opening retail.
Paul Takahashi | Houston Chronicle

April 23
“Those that were on the brink of being dead or dying, their business model didn’t really adapt for the customers, they weren’t serving customers effectively.” @TAMURetail director Scott Benedict on retailers taking a hit from the #COVID19 pandemic.
Sunny Tsai | KAGS

April 22
@TAMURetail director Scott Benedict with @TPRSource on how @HEB and other grocers prepare employees to work on the front-lines of the #COVID19 pandemic.
Kim Johnson & Dallas Williams | Texas Public Radio

April 20
“This is a historic moment that we’ve never seen before. This is a severe shock to lots of companies.” @TAMURetail research director on the sudden drop in oil prices.
Gabriela Garcia | KAGS

April 6
Trump’s Tweets Teach Leaders Three Lessons In Communicating During A Crisis. @TAMURetail research director @venkyshankar on social media messaging during a crisis.
Ann Kellett | Texas A&M Today

March 26
“There is no need to panic” #TAMURetail research director @venkyshankar on the need for customer patience during the #COVID19 crisis.
Megan Rodriquez | The Eagle

March 21
New Research: How Global Markets Are Reacting To President Trump’s Tweets During Coronavirus Outbreak. @TAMURetail research director @venkyshankar Q/A on the market reaction to President Trump’s tweets.
Kimberly A. Whitler | Forbes

March 20
“No amount of planning could have predicted that consumers would hoard commodities like toilet paper and paper towels.” @TAMURetail director Scott Benedict discusses retail shortages due to COVID-19
Kim Souza |

March 18
“You need a lot more baggers…” @TAMURetail research director @venkyshankar reacts to the #retail need for temporary workers during the #COVID19 #coronavirus outbreak.
Paul Takahashi | Houston Chronicle

March 14
CRS research directory Venky Shankar on how retailers are handling the sudden demand for supplies with the COVID-19 outbreak
Hayat Norimine and Kyle Arnold | The Dallas Morning News

March 11
Could COVID-19 change the way people shop permanently? CRS director Scott Benedict shares his thoughts.
Hope Barnett | KBTX

February 26
CRS students reflect on transformational learning experience at New York Fashion Week: The Shows
Andrew Vernon | Mays Impacts

February 26
Retail challenges to continue, wider gap emerging between winners and losers
Kim Souza |

February 19
CRS research director weighs in on Buffalo Wild Wings Twitter controversy with Houston Astros fans
Paul Takahashi | Houston Chronicle

February 8
“The pace at which digital native retailers are adding physical stores to their portfolio is one of the biggest surprises to me in 2019,” says CRS director Scott Benedict.
Kim Souza |

February 3
The Supply Side: Online retailers seeking out brick-and-mortar locations
Kim Souza |

January 23
CRS student LeAnn Percivill wins the NRF Next Generation Scholarship
Andrew Vernon | Texas A&M Today


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