June 14, 2017
Focus at Four: The first steps of turning your passion into profit
By Kathleen Witte | KBTX

June 8, 2017
Nordstrom family members weigh taking the retailer private
By Amy Scott | Marketplace

May 25, 2017
As stores close and Amazon soars, are millions of retail jobs on the line?
By Mitchell Schnurman | Dallas News

April 16, 2017
New on campus hotel, convention center planned at Texas A&M
By Steve Kuhlmann | The Eagle

April 11, 2017
Easter Facts & Stats
By John S Kiernan | WalletHub

March 27, 2017
Texas A&M Retailing Director Reaction to Sears Announcement
By Chelsea Reber | WTAW

March 26, 2017
Texas A&M expert: Sears has failed to keep up with the times
By Kelan Lyons | The Eagle

March 23, 2017
Focus at Four: How Sears’ uncertain future affects you
By Kathleen Witte | KBTX

February 6, 2017
Bankrate survey finds the high cost of love
By Kamil Macniak | Yahoo! Finance

January 22, 2017
Andersons stores died ‘nibble’ by ‘nibble’
By Jon Chavez | Toledo Blade

January 10, 2017
With Macy’s closure, what’s in store for Parkdale Mall?
By Dan Wallach and Liz Teitz | Beaumont Enterprise

November 26, 2016
B-CS retailers report solid Black Friday sales
By Jake Walker | The Eagle

November 22, 2016
Online shopping tips to make sure you aren’t paying too much
By Clay Falls | KBTX

November 22, 2016
Bankrate survey: Black Friday may be fading away
By Mike Cetera |

November 22, 2016
Texas A&M Retailing Studies Director Offers Insight Regarding Holiday Shopping Trends, Tips
By Courtney Bosquez | Texas A&M Today

November 21, 2016
Don’t forget about Small Business Saturday
By Rusty Surette | KBTX

November 21, 2016
What to expect from Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year
By Venky Shankar | Mays Business Impacts

November 14, 2016
Mays hosts Texas Retailers Association and local business owners
By Courtney Bosquez | Mays Business Impacts

October 14, 2016
Tuesday Morning going back to its roots to improve profits
By Korri Kezar | Dallas Business Journal

August 11, 2016
Macy’s to shrink, focus on digital competition
By Ilena Najarro | Houston Chronicle

June 24, 2016
Retailers respond to changing digital shopping habits
By Daniel B. Kline | The Motley Fool

March 11, 2016
First non-Texas Buc-ee’s to have a Louisiana accent
By Mike D. Smith | Houston Chronicle

February 20, 2016
Amazon on pace to boast Fortune 500’s second-largest workforce
By Angel Gonzalez | The Seattle Times

January 25, 2016
A fresh idea: Student introduces a new product to decrease food waste
By Zach Grinovich | The Battalion

November 25, 2015
Local retailers wait to see if oil slump tanks Black Friday
By Mike D. Smith | Houston Chronicle

November 22, 2015
Texas A&M, Lucasfilm partner to cross-promote new ‘Star Wars’ film, 12th Man
By Steve Kuhlmann | The Eagle

November 11, 2015
Stores already feeling that Black Friday vibe
By Mike D. Smith | Houston Chronicle

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