Aggies on Wall Street – Curriculum

Aggies on Wall Street’s curriculum is comprised of specific courses which are taken early on in the student’s academic career. The AOWS courses are instrumental in providing the foundation for successful internships and career start.


Spring semester following admission:

  • FINC 351 Investment Analysis
  • FINC 361 Managerial Finance
  • FINC 465 Seminar in Investment Banking
  • FINC 466/666 Wall Street Investment Banking (A unique two-week trip to New York; course fee applies)

Fall semester following admission:

  • FINC 381 Money and Capital Markets

Second Spring semester following admission

  • FINC 449 Financial Modeling


  • Also, students will have multiple opportunities to interact with industry professionals throughout the program
  • Students are encouraged to keep abreast of current economic and financial news through financial news outlets and financial literature


  • Students in the program are required to successfully complete an internship between their junior and senior years in an investment banking firm/division of a financial institution/asset management or private equity fund
  • Students are strongly encouraged to have an internship in a corporate setting during the summer following their admission to the program.
  • Students will write and submit a paper on their last summer internship experience
  • It is expected that students will receive a full-time employment offer from their last summer internship employer

Important note on internships:

  • Aggies on Wall Street does not provide internship(s) nor full-time employment to students; yet, it prepares them for the recruiting process to the best of its abilities
  • Even though the program strives to facilitate introductions to employers, students are solely responsible for their interactions with them and for securing their internship(s) and full-time position.


  • Students will have successfully completed a battery of rigorous finance and accounting classes and honed their resume writing and interviewing skills.
  • Students of the program will be prepared to compete with the nation’s best and brightest for internships and full-time opportunities.
  • Over the span of the 3-year program, students will learn advanced finance concepts encompassing:
    • Global financial systems and role of main financial institutions
    • Investment banking firms, private equity funds and hedge funds
    • Investments, risk and return
    • Corporate finance
    • Analysis of financial statements
    • Valuation of companies
    • Leveraged buyouts
    • Financial modeling
    • Mergers and acquisitions


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For questions on the AOWS curriculum please contact: 

Barbara Musgrove, Program Coordinator II,