Aggies on Wall Street – Curriculum

Aggies on Wall Street’s curriculum is comprised of a specific series of courses and an internship.

Students are encouraged to have an accounting or finance-related summer internship during the summer between sophomore and junior year.

Beyond their coursework, AOWS’s students are expected to keep abreast of current economic and financial news, form an opinion on such news, as well as regularly read books among those recommended by the Director of the program.


Students of the program are expected to successfully complete an internship between their junior and senior years in an investment banking firm/division of a financial institution/asset management or in a private equity fund. Students will write a paper on their internship experience.

Important note on internships: Aggies on Wall Street does not provide any internship to students (nor any full-time position). The program prepares students for the recruiting processes to the best of its abilities, in some cases facilitating introductions or recommending candidates to recruiters, and assists the students when necessary and possible. However, students will be solely responsible for their interactions with potential employers and securing their internship.

Please contact Lauren Welford, AOWS’s Program Coordinator and Academic Advisor, for questions on the AOWS curriculum:

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