Aggies On Wall Street – Overview

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Aggies on Wall Street (AOWS) is a flagship high-impact program of the Department of Finance that provides high-achieving students with superior access to opportunities in the very competitive investment banking and asset management industries. The mission of AOWS is to offer its students the best possible learning experience to assist them in obtaining a position and being successful as analysts at top firms. Even though the spirit of the program has been to train students to become professionals at reputable financial firms in New York, AOWS welcomes all students interested in careers in investment banking or asset management, irrespective of the location they are pursuing.

Careers in investment banking and asset management are both very demanding and very rewarding. Students who pursue this path are likely to benefit from the following:

  • A challenging and exciting work environment
  • Outstanding learning opportunities
  • Team-oriented work
  • Early responsibilities and exposure to senior professionals
  • Very high compensation
  • Attractive exit opportunities

In order to achieve its mission, AOWS selects a group of driven Finance and Business Honors majors at the beginning of their sophomore year and focuses most of its efforts on preparing them early enough academically and beyond to obtain a relevant internship during their last summer before graduation.

In the spring following their admission to the program, students who want to start their career in New York may be offered the opportunity to take part in a unique two-week trip to New York, virtually or in-person if possible, meeting a large number of Wall Street professionals.

Over the past 20 years, Aggies on Wall Street has built a unique network of former students and friends on Wall Street who are wonderful allies and potential mentors to the program’s students. It is expected that current program students will become great ambassadors of the program and Mays Business School and that they will turn into mentors to new generations of Aggies on Wall Street students.

Students of the program will eventually compete with the nation’s best and brightest for internships and full-time jobs. Students interested in Aggies on Wall Street should seek to answer the following questions in earnest before applying:

  • Is this type of career (fast-paced, demanding, competitive, etc.) a fit with my personality and aspirations?
  • Do I have a strong analytic mind, am I intellectually curious and do I pay attention to details when necessary?
  • Am I ready to invest significant time and efforts in and outside of the classroom to best prepare myself for the early interview season?

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