Commercial Banking Program

The Commercial Banking Program (CBP) at Mays Business School, a flagship internship program in the Department of Finance, is designed to equip students with the best practices for a career in commercial banking. Commercial Banking Program provides a rich developmental environment by combining formal learning, industry experience, and professional mentoring.

The Class 8 Application is now Open!

Key benefits of Commercial Banking Program include:

  • Coursework specifically designed to develop banking industry skills
  • One compensated internship
  • Mentorship with banking executives
  • Social networking events with peers, former students, and banking professionals
  • Credit Analyst Certification sponsored by Risk Management Association (RMA)
  • Certificate in Commercial Banking (Undergraduate business honors/finance majors only)
  • Master of Financial Management option 

Undergraduate Coursework

    • FINC 463 – Seminar in Commercial Banking ( major elective, 3 credit hours) Fall Only
    • FINC 462 – Commercial Bank Management (major elective, 3 credit hours) Spring Only 
    • FINC 464 – Commercial Credit Analysis (major elective, 3 credit hours) Spring only
    • FINC 484** – Internship (general elective, 0-3 credit hours) Summer Only
    • FINC 485 – Marketing Financial Products & Services (major elective, 3 credit hours) Spring Only
    • **- FINC 484 is offered in the summer in residence with a member bank.

Please contact Ms. Jennifer Garcia, undergraduate Commercial Banking Program Advisor, for questions on the Commercial Banking Program curriculum at


Prior to admission, all Commercial Banking Program (CBP) applicants will interview for potential internship placement with a Commercial Banking Program board member bank. Only the students who are selected for internships will be accepted into the program. The selection criteria is at sole discretion of Commercial Banking Program member banks.

If you’d like more information, you are encouraged to join the Banking-recruiting listserv.

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