Corporate Finance Program

The Corporate Finance Program (CFP) is open to undergraduate finance majors and to PPA students pursuing the Master of Financial Management. The CFP is a two-year guided elective program to earn a Corporate Finance Certificate for BBA Finance majors. Master of Financial Management students will receive a Corporate Finance Attestation.

The Certificate is awarded for completing a specialized selection of courses focused on the knowledge and skills essential to working across the various finance functions that typically fall under the purview of the office of a corporation’s Chief Finance Officer (CFO):

  • Treasurer – cash management, credit ratings, debt and equity financing, risk management
  • Controller – profit forecasting, annual budgets, performance management, capital budgeting
  • Investor Relations Officer – communications with stakeholders, regulatory considerations
  • CFO – talent management, strategic planning, corporate development (M&A)

Certificate process timelines and requirements

  • Submit application (see Application Instructions below)
  • Notification of acceptance into the program (in the final days of the spring semester, after student’s semester grades are known)
  • Attend the five-day Boot Camp in August during Howdy Week, 14-18 August 2023
  • Maintain at least a 3.3 GPA in finance courses
  • Attend company-sponsored events and All Hands meetings
  • Complete the Capstone case study course in the Spring semester of the calendar (not academic) year of graduation
  • Complete Required Coursework:
    • FINC 345:         Success Factors in Corporate Finance (Boot Camp)
    • FINC 443/641:   Valuation
    • FINC 449/649:   Financial Modeling
    • FINC 436:           Corporate Finance Capstone
    • ACCT 447/647:   Financial Statement Analysis
    • ISTM 313:           Foundations of Data Analytics (BBA Finance Majors Only)

Students pursuing the CFP will attend two classes as a cohort.  Their first such class is the CFP Boot Camp. Students accepted into the CFP come together to meet finance professionals, discuss current finance topics, receive training in Excel and PowerPoint, and finish the Boot Camp week with a team presentation on a case study.  Bloomberg Certificate training also begins during Boot Camp week. The second cohort class is Corporate Finance Capstone offered in the Spring semester of a student’s graduation year.

*Attending the CFP one-week Boot Camp in August of year one is the first step in the certificate curriculum. The required boot camp is held during Howdy week (the week immediately preceding the fall semester’s start of classes; this year: August 14-18), Monday through Friday, typically from 8 AM through 6 PM. Schedule varies.

Application Timeline & Instructions:

Applications Open : March 24, 2023

Meet the CFP Director and Students at Chimy’s: April 4th, 2023, 3:30 pm – 5 pm

Application Deadline : Friday, April 28, 2023 @11:59 p.m. CST*

CFP Rolling Acceptance : Monday – Friday, May 15-19, 2023

Start Boot Camp : Monday,  August 14, 2023

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For application and program questions, please contact Ed White, Program Director,