Fall 2019 Force Requests

Fall 2019

Updated August 16, 2019

The FINC force request form is now closed. Please monitor Howdy for seats through the first week of classes.  

Eligible Courses

FINC courses only. Forcing is not available for honors sections. Note: The Finance Department cannot force into courses in other departments (i.e. COMM, MGMT, ACCT, etc).

FINC 351 is currently at physical capacity. Please monitor Howdy daily for seat availability.

Currently not accepting force requests for FINC 449

Alternatives to Force Requests – RECOMMENDED

Requesting a force into a course does not guarantee placement in the course. The best way to potentially enroll in a course is through watching the registration system in Howdy. Students are constantly adding and dropping courses through the first week of classes.

Who is Eligible

Force requests are considered for Fall 2019 degree candidates first. Specific FINC elective and section requests will not be granted if seats are available in other electives/sections.

Force Request Dates

Accepted Reviewed/Processed
First Round  Fall April 24 to May 2 May 3
Second Round  Fall August 5 to August 15 August 16

If your request can’t be accommodated during the first round, it will be held for the second round. Once the second round ends, any unfulfilled force requests will no longer be considered. Continue checking the registration system for openings through add/drop of the first week of classes.

How to Request Force Enrollment

FINC Force Request Form

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