Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is Trading?

    • Generally thought of as buying and selling stock
    • TRIP is focused primarily in the Energy Commodity Markets – crude oil, gasoline, diesel, electricity and natural gas


Will I be a Trader if I graduate from TRIP?

    • Most companies have a developmental or rotational process which can result in a trading role in 4-5 years after graduation. Not all TRIP graduates end up as Traders.


What if I am unsure about being a Trader?

    • Most roles start as Financial or Risk Analysts, evaluating the markets or overall corporate risk related to energy price fluctuation; some rotate to multiple offices including international sites.
    • Logistics is another important role, known as scheduling or operations. Many employees find their passion here or enjoy this role prior to Trading.
    • See TRIP Career Paths (link)


Will TRIP help me outside the energy industry?

    • Yes! Three internships with both privately held and multinational public companies will give you invaluable work experience to enter any finance field.


Is this a 4+1 program?

    • While similar to other 5 year programs, graduation in TRIP is dependent on completing the 3 internships as well as your coursework. As a result, graduation is no earlier than 3 years from the Fall you are accepted.  Actual years at the university is therefore based on your classification at the time you are accepted and not a firm 4+1.


Do I need to change majors to join TRIP?

    • No! TRIP is open to all undergraduate majors who would like to earn the Masters’ Financial Management (MFM) degree. BBA-FINC or BBA-HNR/FINC sophomores have the option of an undergraduate certificate or the MFM.


This is my first semester at Texas A&M; should I wait to apply next year?

    • No! The program is historically focused on U2 and U3 classifications, but open to all. Many freshmen chose to apply early, if only for the experience.  If not accepted the first year, they are open to apply again showing resilience and drive, making them better candidates the next year.


I will be a senior this Fall; can I still apply?

    • Yes! You will need to complete the MFM program and 3 internships no earlier than the 3-year window after you are accepted. Since 9 credit hours are considered full-time for masters’ students, you will have 4 semesters of coursework in addition to internships.


I am an international student; can I still apply?

    • Unfortunately, you are not eligible for the program. Since the TRIP board are providing internships with the goal of full-time employment upon graduation, they have requested that we accept only students who are US Citizens or Permanent Residents and legally eligible to work in the US on a full-time basis without additional visa requirements.