Master of Financial Management (MFM)- Trading, Risk & Investments

The Trading, Risk & Investments Certificate Program (TRIP) prepares students in the fields of trading, investments and risk management by combining exceptional class instruction with hands-on, internship-based experience. TRIP is open to any undergraduate student classified as U2 or U3 at Texas A&M in any major.

The Master of Financial Management (MFM) is exclusively open to students who have been admitted to a high-impact learning program at Mays Business School, (i) the Trading, Risk & Investments Program (TRIP), (ii) the Commercial Banking Program (CBP), and (iii) the Professional Program in Accounting (PPA). In turn, each of these three high-impact programs represent one of three possible academic tracks within the MFM. Students applying for admission to the MFM are not required to take the GMAT, GRE, or any other standardized tests for admissions purposes.


TRIP has two pathways depending upon how you enter. Entering as a sophomore BBA BHNR/FINC or BBA FINC student you have the option to only pursue the Trading, Risk & Investments Program Certificate.

All other Participants will complete the program with a Graduate Finance degree, the MFM.

The TRIP Certificate is comprised of nine required hours and nine elective hours.

TRIP Certificate required courses:

ACCT 327 Financial Reporting I3
BUSN 392* two I hours terms2* (Spring Internship only)
FINC 368 Trade Floor Dynamics3
FINC 485 Directed Studies1
Select three of the following:
FINC 422 Applied Investment Analysis3
FINC 423 Options and Financial Futures3
FINC 424 Trading Risk Management3
FINC 425 Active Portfolio 3
FINC 427 Titans of Investing3
FINC 428 Fixed Income Analysis3
FINC 443 Valuation3
FINC 446 Technical Analysis of Financial Markets3
FINC 448 Advanced Investments3
FINC 449 Financial Modeling3
FINC 466 Wall Street, Investment Banking and the Financial Markets3


The MFM is comprised of 36 hours of courses work. Undergraduate Finance majors will take six courses or eighteen hours of Finance. While Non-Undergraduate Finance Majors will take nine courses or twenty-seven hours in Finance. TRIP Students will choose from other graduate business and non­business options related to trading, risk and investments to complete their 36 hour MFM degree.

Required courses for TRIP MFM Students:

FINC 661 Trading Risk Management3
FINC 665 Derivative Securities3
FINC 668 Applied Investment Analysis3
FINC 684 (Internship)3
Popular Electives: This list is not inclusive, just electives taken in prior years.
ACCT: 327, 603, 647
ECON: 459, 618, 633, 680
ECMT: 670, 675
FINC: 640, 645, 649, 641
ISEN: 620, 622, 623
INTA: 608
ISTM : 643, 615
MGMT 639, 663
PETE: 621
PSAA: 621

* Prerequisites should be taken prior to all major and MFM coursework. For questions on prerequisites students can contact the TRIP Program Coordinator, Mrs. Linder at