Petroleum Ventures Certificate

Pictured: Board members Anthony Bahr ’91 (left) and Jay Graham ’92 generously funded the Petroleum Ventures Program through an endowed gift.

The Petroleum Ventures Program (PVP) Certificate sets Mays Finance majors apart by giving them unparalleled exposure to entrepreneurship, energy industry leaders and case-based learning opportunities. Finance students interested in pursuing a finance career in the energy industry are exposed to a series of high-level Petroleum Engineering courses with a focus on real world application of finance and energy industry concepts. This interdisciplinary environment provides students an opportunity to collaborate with petroleum engineering students to solve real-world energy problems. Finance students with a PVP certificate end up with a more competitive resume, and opportunities for expanded roles in the energy industry.

What are the benefits of PVP?

  • 100% job placement to date in the energy investment banking industry & large consulting firms.
  • Networking events with PVP board members in energy investment banking and energy private equity fields.
  • Professional development opportunities – dinners, interviews, speaker series, etc.
  • Curated courses in Finance and Petroleum Engineering leading to semester-long valuation projects and deep-dives into the mechanics of energy industries.
  • Graduation with both business (Finance undergrad) and petroleum engineering (PVP Certificate) experience, leading to a more marketable resume.

What type of students thrive in the program?

  • Undergraduate finance students who have a desire to work in Energy Finance, Petroleum Investment Management, or have a goal of senior management of an energy company and/or a goal of one day creating and managing their own energy company.
  • Finance students who have an entrepreneurial mindset, advanced problem-solving skills, and a strong will to succeed.

A list of courses taken to receive the PVP Certificate can be found here.

What does a typical career path look like for a PVP Finance member?

  • A PVP student’s finance knowledge combined with fundamental understanding of energy assets gives them an unparalleled advantage when seeking placement at top Energy Investment Banking groups, energy companies or consulting companies.
  • Some PVP students choose after a few years experience to move to Energy Private Equity, where our board members lead many of the top firms.
  • The connections fostered during PVP perfectly position students to leverage the relationships with their petroleum engineering student counterparts to start their own energy firms that will compete on the world stage.

PVP Informational Events:

  • February 3, 2022 PVP Former Student Panel, Richardson 910, time TBA. Learn from PVP Finance and Petroleum Engineering graduates how PVP has influenced their careers.

Informational events will be added as they are confirmed. For more information, contact the Mays Petroleum Ventures Program at

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