The Tanner Fund

Would you like to manage real money for course credit? If so, you should consider taking FINC 422/668 during the fall or spring semester.

The Tanner Fund, led by Wm. Jene Tebeaux, CFP®, CFA®, CAIA®,CEO and Principal at Paragon Financial Advisors, develops hands-on experience as you trade real money in an equity portfolio, allowing for alignment of your theoretical and practical knowledge.

Admission is open Mays Business School students that meet the prerequisites.


    • Prerequisites for undergraduates are FINC 351 and FINC 361. If you are an undergraduate applicant and have not completed FINC 351 AND FINC 361 or are not currently enrolled, then you are not eligible for the course.
    • Prerequisites for graduate students are FINC 629 and 632. If you are in PPA, then you are considered a graduate student.
    • Master of Science in Finance equivalents are FINC 602 and 603.


Please address all questions to Lauren Welford at