The Tanner Fund

Would you like to manage real money for course credit? If so, you should consider taking FINC 422/668 during the fall or spring semester.

The Tanner Fund, led by Wm. Jene Tebeaux, CFP®, CFA®, CAIA®,CEO and Principal at Paragon Financial Advisors, develops hands-on experience as you trade real money in an equity portfolio, allowing for alignment of your theoretical and practical knowledge.

Prerequisites are FINC 351/421 or 632 and FINC 361/434 or FINC 629. Admission is by application only and incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Application Instructions

1.   Complete applications must include all of the following:

The application is available here

**Please note there is not a fee for this application and there should be only one required nomination by a faculty member. We are working with the developers to ensure this. If you encounter any problems, please email

2.   At least one nomination from a Texas A&M faculty member

**At least one nomination from a Texas A&M faculty member should be submitted through the application system.The recommender will be prompted to submit a nomination after the applicant has entered the recommender’s email into the system.

3.     **You will see that this application is for MS/MRE and PHD applications, you are in the correct place. You will choose U.S. Citizen, even if you are not. Under the “Personal Information” section, at “Degree/Major/Program” using the drop down box, select Tanner Fund. After you select “Save” more options will be available on the left menu as well

**The same application is used for Tanner Fund & Titans of Investing. It is important that when prompted, the applicant check the box of the course to which they are applying for in that semester.

**The essays for this application are at the bottom under the Ph.D. essays.

Nominations are due by 5:00 p.m. on the deadline indicated below and should be submitted through the nomination system. Full Applications are due by 11:59 pm EST or 10:59 pm Aggieland time.

Application deadline for fall April 18, 2019
Nomination deadline for fall April 8, 2019

A nomination includes at least one of the following:
• A grade already assigned (for an applicant who has completed at least one course taught by the professor);
• An estimated grade (for a current student who has not completed the course);
• A rank of the student compared to his/her peers based on one or more grade components chosen by the faculty (for instance, a rank by the final exam grade plus a rank by the final course grade).

2. If your application does not include all of the required documentation, it is considered incomplete and it will not be processed.

3. In order to be eligible for admissions to Tanner Fund, you must be a graduate student in good standing at Texas A&M University (main campus) or an undergraduate student in good standing at Mays Business School. Strong academic performance generally, within the major, and especially in FINC 351/421/632 and FINC 361/434/629 or their equivalents.

Nomination information

Nominations must come from a Texas A&M faculty member. Most nominations for business students come from Texas A&M Accounting and Finance faculty members. For your convenience, links to contact information for accounting and finance professors are below:

• Department of Accounting
• Department of Finance

Time frame for applications

Applications must be submitted online by 11:59 pm EST  or 10:59 pm Aggieland time on the deadline listed above.

Fall applications are due each April and spring applications are due each November. Applicants are notified of admission decisions, by email, at the end of the semester.


Please address all questions to Lauren Welford at