Titans of Investing

Titans of Investing is a unique class that challenges Texas A&M’s top performing students to commit to development in wisdom, personal understanding, and growth.  Each semester Titans accepts 15-20 students from all majors, with the composition of students intentionally selected to allow for diverse perspectives in discussion.
Some examples of topics typically covered each semester:

  • Understanding Yourself through Personal Constraints
  • The Ascent of China and the 100 Year Transition
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution of Automation and AI
  • Wisdom and Intentional Life

The Titans of Investing class is a prerequisite for membership in the elite Titans network, a lifelong community committed to developing the next generation of leaders in all areas of life.  Over the past decade, Titans members have accelerated their early careers through deep commitments from 70+ leading business people across multiple industries that personally sponsor Titans.Information about the broader Titans network can be found on Titans of Investing.

Important Application Instructions
Fall 2023 Titans of Investing applications are due April 10, 2023 at 11:59 PM CST.
Applications received after the deadline will be NOT be considered.

In addition to the completed application, all applicants are required to attend the final class on April 25, 2023 at 5:30pm in Rm. 2229B of the Rec Center. Dress is business professional. This class will be in person.

Fall applications are due each April and spring applications are due each November. Applicants are notified of admission decisions, by email, at the end of the semester.

Upcoming Informationals
Dress is business professional

Informational 1: March 7th, 7:00-8:00pm in Wehner 110
Informational 2: March 8th, 7:00-8:00pm in MSC 2500

Titans of Investing will accept up to 9 nominations. At least 1 faculty nomination is required. Other recommendations are strongly encouraged. These additional nominations can consist of former Titans students, internship supervisors, or other non-family members that can speak to your character and achievements.

IMPORTANT: Recommendation letters are not required from your faculty nominator,if a faculty member is unable to write a letter of support they can still fill out the quick recommender survey. Letters of support from other nominators are strongly encouraged.

Notice to applicants:

  1. Only completed applications will be considered. (The Apply Now button at the bottom of the page contains detailed application instructions.)
  2. Application decision notification will be sent to your TAMU email address.
  3. Pre-requisites/co-requisites
    • If not already completed, applicants MUST register for FINC 341/409/635 in fall 2023.
      • FINC 341 for business majors
      • FINC 409 for non-business undergraduates
      • FINC 635 for non-business graduates

Additional Information

Class size: Limited to 15-20 students

Class format: Discussion style. Titans meet weekly, with the professor/guests lecturing every other class, and the students directing themselves on the off weeks in Junto (Ben Franklin model for a “club for mutual self-improvement”) and peer discussion.

Executive professor: Britt Harris, current President, CEO, and CIO of the University of Texas Investment Management Co. (UTIMCO), former CIO of Texas Teachers Retirement System; former CEO for Bridgewater Associates; current member of the President’s Working Group for Financial Markets; Advisory Board Member for the NYSE.

Purpose: Develop a commitment to the pursuit of wisdom; diversify personal views and beliefs through intentional discussion; Learn deeply about the broader global and political landscape and the effects on markets, economies, and life.

Characteristics of successful nominees/applicants: High capacity students who are likely to be unusually successful in business, people who are deemed particularly likely to do something good for others with whatever success they do achieve, people who are interesting.

Other activities: Read an assigned classic book during the semester and develop a brief to be provided to prominent business individuals that sponsor Titans; Serve as a leader in the current class through an assigned role to develop collaborative skills; Commit to regular meet-ups outside of class with the current Titans class to develop lifelong friendships; all classes attended by the professor end with a dinner.