2020 TRIP Application Essay Instructions

The essay questions below are required as a part of your application submission. Note: Please limit each essay submission to no longer than one page, single-spaced, with 500-700 words each. Each essay should be titled with the Essay number but do not repeat the question on the single page.  Include your name in the header on each page.  Combine all 5 essays into a single PDF document for submission.

Essay #1:

Visit the TRIP web page and review each of the individual company profiles. Create a ranking of the companies 1-n based on your perception/confidence/interest in each board member firms (1 = highest rank). Following the ranked list of the companies, write one-two paragraphs to defend the reasoning(s) behind your rankings.

Essay #2:

Describe your career goals and how TRIP fits within your career. Discuss how your professional, academic, and cultural experiences shaped these goals.

Essay #3:

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many elements of the US and world economies, including a reduction of demand for fossil fuels. This combined with oversupply by world producers has drastically lowered prices as of April 2020. Describe the sequence of events that created negative prices in late March 2020 in a one-page summary.

Essay #4:

Given the situation above, respond to the following 2 questions and provide support of your viewpoint:

  1. Are low oil and gas prices good for the US economy?
  2. Should the federal government provide support for energy companies affected by Covid-19? Describe both the positive and negative impacts of such support.

Essay #5:

This question is known as the “Kitchen Sink”. Please write about anything exceptional or unique that you believe the Board should consider when reviewing your application