Edward P. Swanson

Professor Emeritus of Accounting


Dr. Edward P. Swanson served on the faculty of Texas A&M from 1982 – 2020. Dr. Swanson has studied the incentives that influence financial statement disclosures and the reaction of users to those disclosures. He has a series of studies on accounting restatements, including a paper published by the Journal of Financial Economics documenting the role played by stock option compensation (and other factors) in the dramatic increase in misstatements during the 1990s. His most recent studies concentrate on the influence of highly informed traders on price discovery. He has studies of short sellers and corporate managers in repurchasing stock. His research has been published in prestigious journals, including The Accounting Review, Contemporary Accounting Research, Journal of Financial Economics, Accounting Horizons, Journal of the American Tax Association, Journal of Accountancy, and The CPA Journal.