Career Services

The Career Management Center offers world-class career management services with a proven track record of helping MBA students find jobs soon after graduation. As a result, Mays MBAs consistently post one of the highest employment rates in the nation for MBA candidates with accepted job offers within 90 days of graduation. In 2022, 95.4% of MBA graduates secured employment within three months of graduating with an average salary of $115,585 and an average signing bonus of $17,774.*

Program Highlights

  • Individualized attention: Each MBA student receives individualized attention in order to develop near-term and long-term career management strategies and networking skills. Customized job search strategies and skills such as resume writing, mock interviews, and coaching on negotiation skills help students manage their career search and develop career management strategies for their professional futures.
  • Online career resources: The Career Management Center offers a suite of online tools and resources, including Beyond B-School, CareerLeader, HireMays, and others, as well as dedicated LinkedIn and Twitter accounts designed to help MBA graduates manage their careers.
  • Career management workshops: Students can attend career management workshops throughout their MBA experience. Workshop topics include managing career transitions, developing a career plan, creating a personal brand, utilizing social media tools in a job search, and more.
  • Ongoing corporate relationships: The Career Management Center staff work closely with employers to identify and connect with MBA talent to meet the company’s hiring needs. Employers can useĀ to request resume books, post job opportunities, and schedule interviews for MBA students and alumni.

For more information on the Career Management Center, contact or (979) 845-1998

*Employment data is self-reported by students via an online portal when an employment offer is accepted or up until 90 days post-program completion. MBA graduating class employment data is calculated and reported in compliance with standards set by the MBA Career Services and Employers Alliance (MBA CSEA).