Current Class Profile

Graduate school is as much about the connections that you make as the courses you take. While you may be focused on applying to top-rated MBA programs with recognized faculty members, you also will want to consider your prospective classmates. These individuals will challenge you to extend your thinking and can become part of your lifelong personal and professional network.

We’re proud of the quality of students we attract to Mays Full-Time MBA program. When considering applicants, we look at the whole person – their background, life experiences, and professional experiences – as well as their test scores and transcripts. We also strive to ensure that our program will be a good fit for each successful applicant.

Our selection process ensures that your classmates will be diverse – different backgrounds, hometowns, professional experiences, ethnicities, and genders. We admit students who bring wide-ranging academic and professional experiences to the classroom. While one-third of the Class of 2018 entered the Full-Time MBA program with undergraduate degrees in business/commerce, the majority of the class had undergraduate degrees in other areas, such as engineering and computer sciences, science, the social sciences, economics, and the humanities. Their professional experience often extended beyond the traditional view of business; the class included a teacher, a military officer, and a screenplay writer. Furthermore, our students brought an average of almost five years of professional experience to classroom discussions and projects.

Total Enrolled 69
Men 86%
Women 14%
US Military 29%
Underrepresented Minorities 12%
Average 643
Middle 80% Range 570 – 700
Average 309
Middle 80% Range 296 – 322
Average 3.33
Middle 80% Range 2.7 – 3.9
Average 5.17 years
Middle 80% Range 2 – 8 years
Business/Commerce  37%
Engineering & Computer Science  20%
Social Science & Law  13%
Economics  10%
Humanities  10%
Science  10%