Mays MBA Pride

Mission – What we do, and who we are:

Mays MBA pride is a student organization focused on developing and promoting the Pride community within the MBA program and business world by educating, inspiring, and connecting MBA students with professionals in their industry and alumni. We aim to facilitate connections between all groups that individuals may identify with, including personal, religious, ethnic, legal, political and educational. This group is for all students, including those who simply want to celebrate Pride, and therefore all are welcome. We are here to support one another, share resources, learn together, and have fun!


Remember: be strong, be bold, be you.

Member Perks:

ROMBA: members will get exclusive access to the ROMBA conferences. ROMBA provides a strong networking platform for MBA students and prospective employers. Most major employers, most notably those in the consulting, banking, tech, and finance fields, attend the conference. Mays MBA Pride members have been able to secure interviews and internships through the conference itself and connections made through ROMBA.

Mentoring: Navigating the tough waters of an MBA program, and ROMBA can be difficult. You can expect to be paired with a second-year student, who has a good hang of the ropes already, and can help you out!

Community Events:

Social events: Happy hours, brunches, color run, and much more!

Pride weekend: Every year we celebrate at Texas A&M, Mays School of Business, the Pride community with a special event.

Business Events: MPP will be the host of guest speakers, host networking nights/ happy hours, and more!


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