The Washington Campus

Experience Overview

Full-Time MBA students have the option to attend The Washington Campus, a week-long residency in the nation’s capital. Students who take part in this residency learn how top policymakers’ decisions affect the success, profitability and growth of business

Experience Highlights

Following is a summary of key program details:

Network with Students from Other MBA Programs: Full-Time MBA students have the opportunity to network with their peers from other higher education institutions since The Washington Campus is comprised of a number of the nation’s elite MBA programs.

Multiple sessions: The Washington Campus program is offered during the Winter Break in January, Spring Break in March, and the May or June sessions of a student’s first year in the MBA program.

Tuition and fees: All MBA students who participate in this program pay tuition and fees to The Washington Campus. Students may earn three hours of course credit for participation in this program. If they opt to earn credit, students pay tuition and fees to the The Washington Campus as well as required tuition and fees for three credit hours at Texas A&M. Full-Time MBA students receive scholarship support to assist in defraying travel costs.