Veteran’s Information

The Full-Time MBA program proudly accepts benefits from our active-duty military and veterans to cover the program costs. Federal Veteran Benefits and the Hazlewood Exemption can be applied to cover most of the cost of the program for eligible students, except for the following components:

  • Books and learning materials purchased by the University and provided to students
  • Meals provided on campus or while traveling
  • Student travel
  • Student lodging

Students can expect to be charged for and will need to pay approximately 15% of the total program costs to cover the cost of the above exceptions. Financial aid is an option to cover these out-of-pocket costs.

Please contact our financial aid liaison for the Mays Graduate Programs Office, Joanne Byrne, with questions about financial aid, tuition, program fee exemptions, or general information about military benefits.

Additional Resources

The Military Education Benefits team assists military-affiliated students in maximizing their VA Education Benefits, Hazlewood exemption, scholarships, and financial assistance and processes all benefit payments for tuition and fees. For specific questions about your Military Education Benefits, please contact Jeremy Tanner.

 Veteran Resource & Support Center connects veterans and military-affiliated students with resources from campus and community networks.