What We Look For

Top Candidates

Our program aggressively seeks outstanding students and we have an exceptional student retention record. Our commitment to total student development is demonstrated by a wide variety of unique learning opportunities that encourage academic achievement, personal growth, and social development.

What characteristics does the Real Estate program seek in an applicant?

  • Academic ability: The program strives to admit students who show promise for both a thriving scholastic and professional real estate career. The average GPA for the last 60 hours of study for recent students admitted to the program is a 3.49, though GPA alone is not an indicator of success in the program. GRE and GMAT exams also serve as indicators of academic ability. Students who are concerned with GPA qualifications may wish to highlight in their resume and/or application essays why they believe past academic performance might not be an indicator of future performance.
  • Desire to begin/continue a career in commercial real estate: Program coursework focuses on the analysis and valuation of commercial real estate. Graduates obtain employment in a variety of firms in the industry including commercial mortgage lending, development, consulting, brokerage, and valuation.
  • Leadership and other defining characteristics: The Master of Real Estate program seeks students with outstanding leadership abilities, strong communication skills and involvement in extracurricular activities.

Check our Current Student Profiles to see the types of academic backgrounds accepted to our program.