Startup Aggieland

Fall 2018 Events and Deadlines


Startup Aggieland is the place to be for anyone at Texas A&M who wants to learn more about what it means to be an entrepreneur and become familiar with the process of turning innovative ideas into viable business opportunities. We provide aspiring entrepreneurs with a community that enables them to find programs and resources to help them pursue their business ideas. If you are interested in founding a startup or bringing an entrepreneurial mindset into corporate cultures, we can help shape your future.

Startup Aggieland’s programs are organized into three distinct phases: Explore, Pursue, and Launch. Each phase has been designed to offer programs that provide you with resources, support and guidance no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey.


If you want to learn more about entrepreneurship or are an aspiring entrepreneur trying to figure out how to start your journey, Explore is a great place to begin.


If you’re ready to take the next step in pursuing your entrepreneurial interests, then Pursue can help you get started. In addition to other programs and events, you have the opportunity to participate in Startup Aggieland’s pre-accelerator program, Startup Runway.


Whether you are preparing to launch or are already operating a business, Launch is designed to provide you with access to the community and resources that startup founders need. Also included in Launch is Startup Aggieland’s Business Incubator.