The James Benjamin Department of Accounting will offer an online option for the existing Master of Science in Accounting degree with a proposed start date of Fall 2023, pending final approval from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.  The courses provided in the online curriculum will closely resemble those provided in the in-person degree.

Why Online?

Unlike the traditional Master’s of Accounting program already offered by Mays, the MS Accounting Online program is designed with working professionals in mind. The online format is tailored to the needs of the student who seeks a career change into the field of Accounting, or career advancement within their current role in Accounting. 

Multiple Tracks Available

Similar to the traditionally delivered Masters in Accounting, students will be able to select an Audit track or a Tax track as their primary field of expertise. These tracks will share several core courses but will differ in terms of coursework in tax and auditing.

For Students with or without an Accounting Background

Unlike the current traditional degree offering, the online MS program is designed for individiulas who may not have an undergraduate degree in Accounting. The standard curriculum will include graduate versions of courses taken in a typical undergraduate Accounting program, including Intermediate Accounting I and II as well as an introductory course in audit or tax, depending on the track selected by the student. These courses replace courses in fields other than accounting typically taken by students in the traditional Accounting Masters program. Traditional students take these non-accounting courses to gain the necessary hours to sit for the CPA exam. Students without previous accounting experience or coursework may also be required to take an introductory accounting short course in the summer before admission to the program. Students with an undergraduate accounting degree will be able to take classes offered in the other track (tax or audit) or to pursue a directed studies project with a faculty member in lieu of introductory coursework.

Be Prepared for the CPA Exam

Graduating students will have the accounting hours needed to sit for the CPA examination upon completion of the program.