4+1 Requirements

To be eligible for this option, a student must currently be enrolled as an undergraduate student at Texas A&M University, have an overall GPR ≥3.25, and be scheduled to graduate in a spring semester.  In addition, students must have room in their final undergraduate semester to also take two graduate courses (six credit hours). 

Interested students must apply for this option before or during their junior year at Texas A&M, and are required to meet with the MS-MIS academic advisor, Dr. Aaron Becker, prior to submitting an application.

Program Prerequisites

The MS-MIS program has four program prerequisites:

  • A course in programming (Java, C#, VB, etc. such as ISTM 250 or ISTM 601)
  • A database course (such as ISTM 315 or ISTM 615)
  • A course in systems analysis and design (such as ISTM 320 or ISTM 620)
  • A course in business data communications (such as ISTM 310 or ISTM 610)

Students may receive admission to the program without having already completed all four prerequisite courses; however, for a student’s application to be competitive, the student should have completed at least two of the four courses. We do not accept work experience or corporate training programs/classes as prerequisite credit. Only courses from accredited colleges/universities will be accepted.