Nupur Sinha ’19

Nupur Sinha

Bachelor of Technology – Information Technology
SRM University; Chennai, India
May 2014

MS Management Information Systems
Texas A&M University
May 2019

Verisk; Jersey City, NJ
Data Analyst Intern
June 2018 – August 2018

Verisk; Middletown, CN
Data Scientist I
July 2019 – January 2021

Verisk; New York, NY
Data Scientist I
February 2021 – February 2022

Verisk; New York, NY
Data Scientist II
March 2022 – Present



Describe your career and what led you to your current position.  I worked as a Systems Engineer for an IT firm. I worked with teams to manage various information systems so that they best serve the business needs. In addition to the technical knowledge I was gaining, I wanted to develop skills in analysis, design, IT management and strategy, which led me to apply for MS-MIS program at Mays Business School.  At Verisk, I will be responsible for solving industry-specific problems using proprietary datasets in various Verisk businesses including insurance, finance, energy, and climate. I will also be responsible for large-scale data analysis, real-time data analysis, and anomaly detection. Additionally, I will also build data visualizations to provide business insights.

What extra-curricular activities were you involved in at A&M?

In my second semester, I participated in the Center for the Management Information Systems (CMIS) Case Competition. The Case Competition provided me with an opportunity to develop a business acumen and hone my problem solving, analytical, and communication skills.

Why did you pursue a master’s degree? 

Having done a bachelor’s in Information Technology and worked as a Systems Engineer for an IT firm, a master’s degree in Management Information Systems was the perfect platform for me to develop a unique skill set that combined technical, business and managerial expertise. I believe a master’s degree has helped me further drive my career and expand my knowledge base in the field of information systems and analytics.

What is the biggest challenge you faced in graduate school?

Time management and prioritizing were the biggest challenges I faced in graduate school. It can get a bit overwhelming trying to stay on top of all the things – coursework, part-time job, and building a career. The key is to be pro-active by planning ahead and prioritizing wisely.

What is the biggest reward for earning your MS-MIS degree? 

Apart from career advancement and an enhanced knowledge base, the biggest rewards for earning an MS-MIS degree at Texas A&M, were definitely the values inculcated in me as an Aggie. Aggies not only form one of the largest student networks in the world, but also live their lives upholding the values and traditions they experienced at A&M.