Online Curriculum

The MS-MIS online program requires the completion of 36 hours (12 courses) of coursework. These will be offered in a lockstep format. Each course will be taken in an eight-week term, allowing the student to focus exclusively on one course at a time.  Courses in the curriculum offer a balance of technical, managerial, and strategic foci.

Along the way, students will earn two graduate certificates in Data Management and Technical Development Management.

Two required on-campus experiences will occur prior to each fall semester. These sessions will provide orientation material for the first year and career development, networking, and capstone course preparations for the second year.

Students may earn the Online Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MS-MIS) degree by completing the following courses:

Data Management Certificate
 Technical Development Management Certificate 

Program Prerequisites

Four prerequisite courses are expected to be completed prior to starting the program. Students may receive admission to the program without having already completed all four prerequisite courses; however, for a student’s application to be competitive, the student should have completed at least one of the four courses. We do not accept work experience, corporate training programs/classes, or courses taken through open online course providers as prerequisite credit. Only courses from accredited colleges/universities will be accepted.

Students that have not already completed these four courses prior to applying may be able to take these courses at Texas A&M or other universities prior to starting the program.

Prerequisite courses are offered in the summer prior to the start of the fall semester for students needing any or all of these courses. Any prerequisite course taken at a university other than Texas A&M must be approved in advance.

The four prerequisite courses cover the following material.

Course Topic TAMU Courses
Computer programming ISTM 250 or ISTM 601
Computer networking ISTM 310 or ISTM 610
Database ISTM 315 or ISTM 615
Systems analysis and design ISTM 320 or ISTM 620


Academic calendar for Year 1 (2022-23 academic year) of the MS-MIS Online program


Virtual session TBA 6:30pm – 9:30pm
On-campus experience September 9th and 10th
Fall 2022
Block 1             ISTM622 August 22 – October 14
Block 2             ISTM682 October 17 – December 9
Spring 2023
Block 1             ISTM637 December 12 – February 17 (Christmas break December 19 – December 30)
Block 2             ISTM681 February 20 – April 21 (Spring Break March 13 – March 17)
Summer 2023
Block 1             ISTM624 April 24 – June 16
Block 2             ISTM630 June 19 – August 11


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