Satvir Singh Grewal ’18

Satvir Singh Grewal

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications Engineering
Thapar University (India)
June 2013

MS Management Information Systems
Texas A&M University
May 2018

Professional Position:
CBRE; Dallas, TX
Software Engineer
June 2018 – Present


Describe your career and what led you to your current position.  I worked as Software Engineer before my Master’s Degree and wanted to continue in the same profile. The Master’s Degree has provided me with an understanding of the concepts and responsibilities that technology leaders undertake. These fundamentals will help me transition into technology leadership roles in future. In my role at CBRE, I develop cloud-based micro-services using Go language and NoSQL databases.

What was your favorite course at A&M? MGMT 680 – Business and Corporate Strategy was my favorite course. The course has a carefully curated collection of Harvard Business Review cases. The class discussions were highly engaging and intellectually simulating. It was a great earning experience formulating business strategies for different industries and different companies.

What was the most beneficial course you took at A&M?  The most beneficial course I took during my Master’s was ISTM 637 – Data Warehousing.  The course provided a hands-on experience in understanding the business value of data and how data is supporting the business strategies of the corporations. Apart from the providing the technical skills, it expanded my understanding of data backed decisions.

Why did you pursue a master’s degree? In my previous role as a software engineer, I realized that I needed the understanding of different aspects involved in successfully leading technology organizations which includes both technology and management. Hence, I decided to go back to school to understand more about IT and business.

What advice do you have for someone who is considering returning to school to earn a master’s degree? A Master’s degree provides you a great opportunity to go back to school to focus and get expertise in the field of your interest. In my opinion, gaining professional experience before returning back to school for a Master’s definitely helps you choose the right major and also you have clearly defined goals as far as learning expectations are concerned.