Application Process

Application submission dates and funding opportunities

These are not deadline dates to apply; the following dates are in chronological order of review opportunities.

  • September 3: Fall application available to begin submission process.
  • December 10: Strongly recommended that all applicants (U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents, and international) submit your online application/uploaded documents for early review and the most consideration for available financial support, including university, Mays and departmental fellowships.
  • December 11 – January 1: Primary review period. Applications continue to be accepted.
  • January 2 – April 14: Applications continue to be accepted though some departments may begin closing applications as early as February. Funding opportunities may decrease as most departments review applications from December though February.
  • April 15 – May 25: Departments begin closing applications as admission offers are accepted.
  • May 26: Application closes for annual updates. No additional application submissions can be accepted after this date, even if you have started your online application.

Application submission and departmental review are conducted electronically

We do not use official test scores or transcripts to review Mays Ph.D. Program applications.

  • Submit online application and upload requested documents only. Do not mail paper documents or additional information.
  • Apply online by clicking on the following link:
  • Application fee paid online by credit card within the BusinessCas application system.
  • Upload supporting documents:
    • Essay/Personal statement question(s).
    • Scanned transcripts (.pdf) from each senior-level post secondary institution for the review process.
      • To reduce file size, scan dpi around 150 if needed.
      • Unofficial transcripts printed from student academic accounts may be uploaded.
      • We understand a transcript may not list final grades if applying in a current semester.
    • Professional resume.
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation uploaded into BusinessCas by the recommenders. No more than three will be accepted for review.
  • Unofficial GMAT or GRE scores will be typed in your application. Do not send an official or hard copy.
  • International applicant section
    • Unofficial TOEFL or IELTS score will be typed in your application plus completing international section.
  • Not reviewed: certificates, writing samples, research, etc.

Mailing Supporting Documents for Ph.D. Admissions

The Ph.D. Program only accepts applications and supporting documents using the online application system. Additional documents received by mail will not be considered.

The program mailing address for formally admitted students is:

Mays Business School – Ph.D. Program
Graduate Admissions Office
Texas A&M University
440 Wehner
4113 TAMU
College Station, Texas 77843-4113

Electronic letters of recommendation are requested to expedite your application.

Submitting Test Scores for Ph.D. Admissions

  • GRE and TOEFL code is 6003
  • GMAT code is Mays Ph.D. Program specific: 7B7-K9-57
  • We prefer that individuals submit a valid test score (either GMAT or GRE) with their application to the Mays PhD program. However, we recognize the challenges COVID-19 creates in terms of taking the GMAT or the GRE test. When applying to our PhD program, if you are not able to submit a valid test score because of difficulties created by COVID-19, please submit a statement indicating that this is the case as a separate document in your application
  • To report IELTS scores:
    Texas A&M University only accepts scores submitted electronically by the IELTS test center. No paper Test Report Forms will be accepted. Please contact the test center where you took the IELTS test and request that your test scores be sent electronically using the IELTS system to Texas A&M University, PO Box 40002, College Station, TX. Please note: there may be multiple addresses on file for the same university. Be sure you reference the PO Box 40002 address.
  • Test information is available at for the GMAT and for the GRE

CURRENTLY ENROLLED TEXAS A&M GRADUATE STUDENTS: To apply for fall admission to Mays, contact the Mays Ph.D. Program at  or call (979) 458-0493 for instructions.