Earning a Ph.D. in Business Administration – Management is the highest academic achievement in the field of management. Our program offers a number of unique features and benefits:

  • Focus on theory and practice: Students develop competencies in the theories and practice of management including the effective use of technical, interpersonal and conceptual skills.
  • Excellence in research: Our program encourages students to learn to conduct high-quality research that is relevant to private or public organizations, to direct research by others and to communicate research findings through teaching and writing.
  • Preparation for research careers: Our program prepares students for the varied responsibilities and opportunities of careers in research and teaching or for positions requiring similar research and analytical skills.

This program also offers the opportunity to specialize in one of the following areas:

  • Organizational behavior/human resource management: This specialization focuses on the study of human behavior in complex social systems (organizations). Topics include individual differences, motivation, leadership, group dynamics, attitudes, decision making, political behavior, organization design and the strategic management of people through staffing, socialization, performance management and employee relations.
  • Strategic management: This specialization focuses on the roles and problems of top management teams and strategy formulation and implementation. Topics explored include strategic processes such as decision making, resource allocation, the creation and management of new businesses, strategic entrepreneurship and international strategy.

General program requirements: Details of general program requirements are available from the Texas A&M University Graduate Handbook, the Texas A&M Graduate Catalog, the Mays Ph.D. Programs Handbook, the Ph.D. in Business Administration – Management Brochure, and the Ph.D. in Business Administration – Management Handbook.