Assurance Services/Information Management Track

Students pursuing this track develop skills needed to audit or consult with multinational corporations and financial institutions. Internships usually occur during the spring term of a student’s senior year. Students also take two mini-mester classes during the semester. Graduates generally begin their professional career in the audit division of a CPA firm or with a consulting firm.

Students who follow this track will earn a Master of Science in Accounting.

Course Title Hours
ACCT607 Seminar in Auditing 3
ACCT628 Business Application Modeling 3
ACCT644 Control & Audit of Information Systems 3
ACCT647 Financial Statement Analysis 3
ACCT648 Accounting Information Systems 3
ACCT650 Accounting Ethics 3
ACCT651 Development of Accounting Thought 3
ACCT689 Financial Accounting for Income Taxes 3
FINC629 Financial Management 3
Total Hours 36

*ACCT684 may be used as a Directed Elective.

A Directed Elective is defined as any 400- or 600-level course in the business school or college of economics that is not an introduction to, survey of or research courses.  A 400-level course will be accepted only if there is not an equivalent graduate level course.  If you are unsure if a course will meet the requirements, contact the Professional Program for approval.