PPA Mentoring Program

We have admitted 213 student into PPA group 27 this spring and we would like to match interested students with a mentor.

As a mentor, you are not promising to solve students’ problems. You are a listening ear to provide wise guidance to young people who need it while they are going through the interviewing process. We would be asking you to try to meet face-to-face once or twice during the semester, if possible, and to stay in touch by phone, email, or text.

We will try to match on student interests, business line, and hometown, if possible. However, they mostly just need another Aggie who has been through what they are going through.  Last year the demand for mentors far exceeded the supply, so if you would like to have a continuing influence here at Texas A&M, this is an excellent opportunity.

If you are interested in being a mentor to PPA group 27, please fill out the mentor form using the link below:

PPA Mentor Form