Tax Technology Track

The Tax Technology track blends the core Tax and MIS curriculum to prepare students to enter a world of accelerating globalization, growing regulatory and business complexity, and evolving technology within tax.  The track focuses on analyzing data and creating strategies that clients can use to generate revenue and cut costs, identify areas for improvement, and leverage the most supportive technologies at the right time.  Graduates are positioned to perform both the tax and technical functions needed to work with the people, processes and technologies in this emerging and dynamic area.

Students who follow this track will earn a Master of Science in Accounting.

Course Title Hours
ACCT621 Corporate Taxation 3
ACCT615 Contemporary Tax Topics 3
ACCT648 Acct Info Systems 3
ACCT650 Accounting Ethics 3
ACCT684 Professional Internship 3
ACCT689 Tax Technology and Analytics 3
ACCT628 Business Application Modeling 3
ISTM615 Business Database Systems 3
ISTM620 Systems Analysis and Design 3
ISTM630 MIS Project Mgmt and Implementation 3
SCMT645 Business Process Design 3
ELECTIVE *ACCT or MIS Elective 3
Total Hours 36


ACCT611 – Management of Taxation
ACCT612 – Partnership and Real Estate Taxation
ACCT647 – Financial Statement Analysis
ACCT680 – Tax Research
ACCT689 – Financial Accounting for Income Taxes
ISTM601 – Intro to Programming/VB
ISTM635 – Business Information Security
ISTM637 – Data Warehousing
ISTM650 – Business Data Mining
ISTM652 – Customer Relationship Management Technologies
SCMT667 – Logistics and Distribution Management


Other Courses with Approval of Advisor