Loudder Medal of Excellence

Students earning the Martha Loudder Medal of Excellence commit to pursuing a path of integrated learning, becoming reflective learners, and preparing to keep learning for a lifetime. Students take advantage of educational and experiential opportunities that equip them to succeed in the professional world.

All Mays undergraduate students are invited to pursue the Loudder Medal of Excellence. Students are required to apply to be eligible to receive the medal. Medal candidates will complete this multi-step process:


Engage in a learning community with these characteristics:

  • Minimum one-semester participation
  • Interactions in and out of the classroom with same group of peers (e.g., Regents’ Scholars, Freshman Business Initiative, BUSN 403, Business Honors, Startup LLC)


Create a thoroughly developed Mays Transformational Leadership Portfolio through the Communication Lab or the BUSN 403 course:

  • Develop the MTL portfolio website that you started in ISTM 210, showcasing a comprehensive view of your college career and at least two high-impact experiences (e.g., internships, study abroad, organization leadership). Your portfolio should represent the full scope of your college experience.


Gain leadership experience by coaching another student as they make an MTL portfolio:

  • After your portfolio is approved by an LME staff member, you must attend a coaching orientation and then begin meeting at least once a month with a peer for a semester as they create their portfolio. You can expect to invest about 8-10 hours in coaching a peer.
  • These meetings are to provide students with further resources and support as they engage in reflective learning, by asking them thoughtful questions and reviewing what they have written.
  • You will be asked to provide testimony to the growth and development of the student you coached over the time you worked with them.

Following the completion of these requirements, you will meet with an LME staff member for an exit interview. In your graduating semester, you will be presented with a LME medal at a ceremony. You are encouraged to invite a guest to celebrate with you.


The application can be found here. This application will help us gain an understanding of why you are pursuing the medal, help you plan each step of the process, and complete them in the appropriate timeframe.

You must have already made significant progress on your portfolio before completing the application. This means that starting your portfolio and coaching a student through the process is not feasible to do all in your last semester.

For more information, contact Mr. Patrick Williams or portfolios@mays.tamu.edu.