The SUMMIT Experience

Students Understanding, Maximizing, and Mentoring Individual Talent

SUMMIT empowers students to take the first steps toward transformational understanding of how their unique talents can positively impact their world and the people around them.

Culminating in a two-day-long shared conference experience, the SUMMIT Conference includes influential speakers, small group discussions and team challenges, and time for personal reflection. Students who participate as delegates will develop their ability to intentionally reflect, deepen their understanding of personal assessment tools, and enhance their capacity to think critically as they respond to and influence strategic change – in their own lives, in their relationships, and in their organizations both at Texas A&M and beyond.

Delegates experience a high-impact weekend of learning, and they gain lasting tools to support their pursuit of refined dreams and goals. SUMMIT delegates return to Mays Business School with a renewed focus and clearer purpose. They continue engaging in intentional learning and reflection in their classes, organizations, and jobs, and many go on to earn the Martha Loudder Medal of Excellence through an integrated online portfolio.

While the SUMMIT conference provides a foundational experience for strategic self-development, the goal reaches far beyond one weekend or one person. The lessons learned at the SUMMIT impact interactions and decisions for years to come

Program Overview

To get current information about this year’s conference, including important dates and application information, visit the SUMMIT Instagram page @tamusummit.