The Department of Accounting offers academic advising for upper-level undergraduate students and Professional Program in Accounting (PPA) students.  Advising is available to help students with obtaining their undergraduate and graduate degrees in Accounting. Whether questions involve curriculum issues, career counseling, or how to obtain a Certified Public Accounting license, the advisor’s goal is to provide students with answers and/or resources.

Advising Appointments

Students may take advantage of advising services on a “walk-in” basis in 487 Wehner or may contact the accounting BBA advisor directly to set up an appointment.

During pre-registration and drop/add periods, students are advised on a first come, first served basis, but some additional hours are also reserved for advising by appointment. Students needing an appointment should contact the accounting BBA advisor directly.

Meet the Accounting BBA Advisor

Meghan Williams
487E Wehner

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Freshmen and Sophomores

Freshmen and sophomore business students should visit with an advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Office , 238 Wehner, (979) 862-3850.

Wait List for Full Courses

Accounting Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Course Wait List Information

Only lower-level business students (BUAD, BUAG, AGBL) and General Studies students (GEST), intending to major in business, are eligible to complete a class wait list requests for ACCT 229 and ACCT 230.

GEST majors, not intending to major in business, who wish to take accounting courses, are eligible to take ACCT 209 and ACCT 210.

  • There are no wait list procedures for these courses. Students are encouraged to pre-register for these courses as early as possible.
  • ACCT 209 and ACCT 210 are open to all non-business majors on campus.

When an accounting course is full, accounting BBA students may request to be included on a wait list for that course by filing a wait list form, located at the bottom of this page.

  • Wait list policies for courses in other departments, e.g., KINE or INFO, are handled in those departments.
  • Students cannot be wait listed for honors sections.
  • Getting on a wait list for a full course does not guarantee placement in that course. The best potential to enroll in a full course is by watching the registration system for openings that could occur as students drop the course. Registration system availability is posted on the Office of the Registrar’s website and in Howdy.

The accounting department policy for consideration of enrollment from a wait list is a privilege based on need rather than desire. For example, if a specific ACCT course is required for a student to graduate in May (need), the student will be enrolled in the course, but not necessarily in a specific section (desire).

To request inclusion on a wait list for an accounting course, submit a wait list form list (located at the bottom of the page) available online during the wait list time frame.

Wait list requests will be queued in the following order when reviewed:

  • Graduating seniors have top priority.
  • Students will be considered based on their completion of the requested course’s prerequisites.
  • Students who have a work schedule conflict with an accounting course. While we understand the reality that many students must work during their university career, the Accounting Department expects academic courses will remain the top priority for students. Work schedule considerations are the lowest priority consideration for forces and will only be granted when space permits.
  • The timeliness of requests will also be evaluated.

The following issues are not appropriate considerations for wait list enrollment:

  • Section changes. If a student is enrolled in a section, you are holding a seat that could be available to another student. You must drop your current section if you wish to be considered for another.
  • A more convenient class time. We understand that not everyone enjoys Friday and 8 a.m. classes, but early (or late) classes throughout the week are a necessity of the university environment.
  • Preference for a specific instructor.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Undergraduate Class Wait List Form
  • Wait list forms are only available online and MUST be submitted online in order to be processed.
  • Wait list forms received prior to your pre-registration date WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.
  • Wait list form processing will begin AFTER pre-registration has closed; processing requests takes time.


Q-Drop Form

Texas A&M undergraduates are permitted a maximum of three (3) Q-drops; however, Texas law limits students to six (6) dropped courses from all state institutions. Q-drops in 1-hour courses do not count in the Texas A&M limit of three, but are included in the state-mandated limit of six dropped courses. The deadline to Q-drop is the 50th class day of a fall or spring semester. Refer to the Office of the Registrar for more information.

Q-drop forms should be completed and submitted to Undergraduate Advising Office  prior to the Q-drop deadline. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure Q-drop forms have been submitted.  Q-Drop Form 


Internship Credit

Accounting BBA Internship Credit

An internship is an interest or major-related short term work experience with a learning component. Internships are a great way for you to learn more about your career interests; to develop business skills in a professional, on-the-job environment; and in some cases, to gain academic credit. Experiencing the internship process—from resume writing and interviewing to developing contacts and gaining work experience—will prepare you for your first full time professional job.

Accounting BBA students are encouraged to explore and experience a variety of internship opportunities. For qualifying internships, accounting BBA students may earn academic credit toward their accounting electives. Other students in Mays Business School should contact their departmental advisor for details about internship credit opportunities.

ACCT 484 may also count as hours accumulated toward CPA eligibility – see an accounting BBA advisor for guidance. Internships that occur in your last semester do not count toward the CPA eligibility hours; in order to count towards CPA eligibility hours, you are required to take classes after the internship.

Earning Internship Credit – ACCT 484 Eligibility

If you are interested in requesting enrollment in ACCT 484, complete the “ACCT 484 Application for Internship – BBA” form.

This form must be returned to the accounting BBA advisor in 487E Wehner no later than five weeks prior to the beginning of the internship.

Meet with an accounting BBA advisor to determine eligibility. The accounting BBA advisor will also provide special guidance for international students or if students need full-time classification. Check with an accounting BBA advisor for details.

Internship Forms

For BBA-Accounting student use only