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Upper-Level Accounting Student Classification
Mays undergraduate students must take all 300- and 400-level business course work at Texas A&M University.

One exception is credit earned through participation in a Texas A&M reciprocal exchange program at an approved partner institution. All exchange program courses are reviewed and pre-approved prior to the exchange and Texas A&M credit is issued after the student returns.

Non-Texas A&M study abroad transfer course credit may not be applied toward required upper-level business course degree requirements. Mini-mesters within the department are only offered in the spring semester and run for six-week sessions.

Courses offered in mini-mester format

Mini-mesters within the department are only offered in the spring semester and run for six-week sessions.

  • Typically offered are course ACCT 445 (International Accounting) and ACCT 450 (Accounting Ethics). Both courses are approved by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy to count toward CPA examination eligible course hours.
  • Mini-mester classes are six weeks in length.
    • The first mini-mester course begin in
      • early January
      • one week after the end of Spring Break (middle of March)

If considering taking a mini-mester course, it is recommend that BBA students take ACCT 445 during the first of mini-mesters and ACCT 450 during the second. ACCT 450 is only offered in the second mini-mester session. Taking both courses in one mini-mester is very rigorous and not recommended if it can be avoided.

Taking coursework away from A&M

According to the Undergraduate Business Student Handbook, students are required to have all transfer course credit (including correspondence, dual-enrollment and credit-by-exam) posted to their Texas A&M University transcripts before the first class day of the student’s graduating semester.

Students should verify that course work credit has been transferred and posted by the Office of the Registrar. Students can view an unofficial transcript through Howdy, using MyRecord.