Accounting BBA Internship Credit

An internship is an interest or major-related short term work experience with a learning component. Internships are a great way for students to learn more about their career interests. Internships help develop business skills in a professional, on-the-job environment, and in some cases, to gain academic credit. Internship experiences will prepare students for their first full-time professional jobs, including resume writing, interview skills, developing contacts, and gaining work experience.

Accounting BBA students are encouraged to explore and experience a variety of internship opportunities. For qualifying internships, accounting BBA students may earn academic credit towards their accounting electives. Other students in Mays Business School should contact their departmental advisor for details about internship credit opportunities.

ACCT 484 may also count as hours accumulated toward CPA eligibility – see an accounting BBA advisor for guidance. Internships that occur in your last semester do not count toward the CPA eligibility hours; in order to count towards CPA eligibility hours, you are required to take classes after the internship.

Earning Internship Credit

If you are interested in an internship, students must request enrollment in ACCT 484 by completing the ACCT 484-Internship application form below.

This form must be returned to the accounting BBA advisor in room 487E Wehner a minimum of five weeks prior to the beginning of the internship.

Meet with an accounting BBA advisor to determine your eligibility. The accounting BBA advisor will also provide special guidance if you need full-time student classification or if you are an international student. Check with an accounting BBA advisor for details.

Internship Forms

For BBA-Accounting student use only