Internal Audit Certificate

While many accounting students desire to serve in an external function via public accounting, others may desire to serve in accounting roles within an organization. Accounting students interested in serving an internal function with a broad focus on areas such as risk management, compliance, fraud investigation, and auditing for operational efficiency and effectiveness may be a good match for a career as an internal auditor.

IAEP SEAL-4c  In an effort to prepare students for such roles, the Department of Accounting, through the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), offers the Internal Audit Foundation Program Certificate. Because the requirements of this program are governed by the IIA, this certificate will not be listed on a student’s transcript.

To meet the requirements of this program, students must simply earn a grade of “C” or better in the required coursework. While none of the courses listed are part of the BBA Accounting degree plan, students may take the courses as general electives or as accounting electives to be used toward obtaining CPA eligibility. These courses are available to all accounting students.

Required Coursework
ACCT 408 Internal Auditing (Fall ONLY)
ACCT 410 Fraud Investigation (Spring ONLY)

For more information regarding the Internal Audit Foundation Program Certificate, please contact Tara Blasor at