Commercial Banking Program Overview

The Commercial Banking Program (CBP) at Mays Business School, a flagship internship program in the Department of Finance, is designed to equip students with the best practices for a career in commercial banking. CBP provides a rich developmental environment by combining formal learning, industry experience, and professional mentoring.

Key benefits of CBP include:

  • Coursework specifically designed to develop banking industry skills
  • One compensated internship
  • Mentorship with banking executives
  • Social networking events with peers, former students, and banking professionals
  • Credit Analyst Certification sponsored by Risk Management Association (RMA)
  • Certificate in Commercial Banking (Undergraduate business honors/finance majors only)


    • FINC 462 – Commercial Bank Management (major elective, 3 credit hours) Spring Only 
    • FINC 463 – Seminar in Commercial Banking ( major elective, 3 credit hours) Fall Only
    • FINC 464 – Commercial Credit Analysis (major elective, 3 credit hours) Spring only
    • FINC 484** – Internship (general elective, 0-3 credit hours) Summer Only
    • FINC 485 – Marketing Financial Products & Services (major elective, 3 credit hours) Spring Only
    • **- FINC 484 is offered in the summer in residence with a member bank.


Please contact Ms. Jennifer Garcia, CBP Advisor, or Rebecca Itz, MFM- CBP advisor, for questions on the CBP curriculum at


Prior to admission, all Commercial Banking Program (CBP) applicants will interview for potential internship placement with a CBP bank. Only the students who are selected for internships will be accepted into the program. The selection criteria is at sole discretion of CBP member banks.