Tax Readings Group

The Texas A&M Tax Readings Group was formed to encourage doctoral students and faculty to learn about new areas in tax research and collaborate with active tax researchers around the world. The group meets regularly to discuss current working papers and correspond with the authors to provide timely, constructive feedback. The papers discussed include a wide range of tax topics, and papers are welcome in new areas.

If you would like to submit a working paper to the Texas A&M Tax Readings Group for feedback, please contact lauren Milbach at

Current faculty members:

Dr. Mike Kinney

Dr. Dennis Lassila

Dr. Sean McGuire

Dr. John Robinson

Dr. Connie Weaver


Current student members:


Jennifer Glenn, 2nd year Ph.D. Student

Mehmet Kara, 3rd year Ph.D. Student

Lauren Milbach, 4th year Ph.D. Student

Lisa-Ann Polack, 4th year Ph.D. Student

Scott Rane, 3rd year Ph.D. Student