The Center for Human Resource Management (CHRM) was founded in 1992 with the goal of becoming a recognized center of excellence in HR education, research, and practice. Since then, we’ve developed a strong and reputable network of leading executives, faculty, and students who work together to create value for industries and the field. By combining scholars and industry professionals with our student body, we have succeeded in creating a system that is changing the way HR is taught and practiced.


Our mission is to be a catalyst in bringing human resource researchers and practitioners together to maximize knowledge about human capital through a combination of teaching, research, and engagement with organizations.

Student Programs

The CHRM has direct connection with Mays’ Master of Science in Human Resource Management (MS-HRM) Program, a competitive curriculum designed to help launch and develop careers in HR. Our results speak for themselves–the program is recruited heavily by major oil and gas companies and Fortune 500 companies seeking dedicated HR professionals. Excellent relations with corporate partners are responsible for our 100% rate of internship and job placement.

Corporate Partnerships

The CHRM Corporate Partner Board has been our key to success. The Board is comprised of a select group of leading HR executives from various industries, unified in their support and dedication to the betterment of our program.

We invite our corporate partners to participate in the education of our student body. Our open-door policy enables representatives to visit our classrooms and discuss current issues and hot topics with students. Through speaking, event participation, and campus displays CHRM companies become top-of-mind career choices among our students. Access to and influence over a highly educated student body is often cited as a primary benefit of CHRM partner membership.


CHRM provides numerous opportunities to network with top HR executives and scholars.

Our guest lecture series, hosted by the MS-HRM Program, brings top company representatives to campus each semester. The series generates learning opportunities from experienced executives as they provide fundamental knowledge and skills required by HR professionals.

CHRM board meetings, lunch-n-learns, and other networking events generate innovations that directly influence and benefit the CHRM program. We invite corporate partners to attend networking events that take place throughout the school year.

Our connections with our corporate partners are responsible for our 100% rate of student internship and job placements.

“We recruit from the Mays MS-HRM Program because the students consistently hit the ground running when joining our company, and they perform at the top of the class in our development programs. They have the right HR foundational knowledge, attitude and desire to succeed in a company that shares many of the core values of Texas A&M University”

Trey Jackson from Raytheon